About us

12.11.2009 10:31


The education and breeding of hunting dogs have been my point of interest for more than 15 years. I took over this breeding station from my grandfather Václav Volák, who had kept the English setters and pointers and I abided by the British pointing dogs.

Nowadays I have the English, Irish and Gordonsetter dams (see the „Breeding dams“). My dogs regularly take part in the hunting exams and they are used for practical hunt.  



The breeding station „Z Podřipské Břízy“ is located at the foot of the hill Říp, in the small village Vražkov near Roudnice nad Labem (by the motorway Prague – Ústí nad Labem D8). Local surroundings (mainly great fields) are ideal for pointing dogs training. Each of my breeding dogs is properly checked up not only for his exterior but mainly for his natural and working abilities. Therefore our dogs are perfect hunting dogs, they are also appropriate for field trails races, but they also cannot fail as the friendly and temperament family mates.


The matter of course is to provide the full advise service with breeding, feeding of training to all the puppies interested people or our dogs keepers. Let me invite all of you who are interested in these noble and marvelous dogs in visiting our breeding station!